We are vigorous in making sure that the content that we deliver is appropriate to you. We make sure that no stone is left unturned when we embark on researching the most up to date knowledge out there and delivering it to you on one of our training days.

Our courses are developed by legal professionals and mental health professionals who have worked and continue to work in various industries, including Finance, IT, Health Service, Emergency Personnel, Medical Professionals and Legal.

We value you your time and are aware that although organisations are dedicated and want to make changes there is not always the time. For this reason our courses are jam packed with content which is delivered in an engaging dynamic style. 

And we provide mountains of resources to continue learning even after our course has finished.

Our course equips you with the confidence to manage all things mental health in the workplace. 

Audits available – Qualitative audit on all staff members, measured against a benchmark of what the best practice is as defined by our comprehensive qualitative best practice charter.  The learning we provide is highly specific to your organisation and can be continually built upon.

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