“Balance” is our mental health and safety course – lasting 1 -2 days. It looks at how we can effectively manage mental health problems in work and education as they arise. And how we maintain a productive work environment whilst at the same time staying productive.

Where: Balance can be run from your workplace. We work all over the country but we are based in London and Yorkshire. When: We will schedule a time that works for you.

Who: The course will be delivered by 2 experienced trainers

What: The course looks at how to maintain a mentally healthy and safe environment in the work place.

How: We use case studies, video presentation, group work. And an opportunity for a Q & A with someone who has dealt with mental health personally, where no questions are off limits.

Why: Our courses are unique, immersive and informative. We regularly commission our own research on Mental Health and the Workplace and alongside our regular work we hold mental health and safety meet-ups to make sure we are getting our course content right.

Balance runs either half a day, 1 day or 2 days.

The length of the course depends on what you want.

We deliver at your workplace or at a venue that suits you.

We can provide light refreshments Each participant will receive a CPD accredited certificate for completion and participation on the course – this certificate shows that you have made mental health a priority in your place.

It demonstrates to your workforce that you take mental health seriously. Authentic Lives wants to get to know you more... We are around for bespoke follow-up courses and to develop an ongoing relationship.