Mental Health and Safety at Work Course


Mental Health and Safety at Work Course

Focuses on equipping managers and the workforce with the
skills to effectively manage and navigate mental health in the workplace.

Why Choose Us:

We are vigorous in the content that we
deliver. We make sure that no stone is left unturned in bringing the most up to
date knowledge and delivering it to you on one of our training days.

Our courses are developed by legal professionals and mental
health professionals who have worked and continue to work in various industries,
including Finance, IT, Health Service, Emergency Personnel, Medical Professionals.

We value you your time. And because of
this our courses are jam packed with content which is delivered in an engaging
dynamic style. 

We regularly
commission our own research on Mental Health and the Workplace and alongside
our regular work we hold mental health and safety meet-ups to make sure we are
getting our course content right.

Each participant
will receive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation

Where: The location of the course is flexible.  The course can be delivered at your workplace,

at a local location and is also suitable for online delivery.

When: We deliver two Mental Health and Safety at Work courses. The full
course lasts two days and condensed course is one day.

Who: Mental Health and Safety at Work is delivered by our experienced course


1.            Basic knowledge of mental

2.            How to promote positive
mental health

3.            How to manage staff and
mental health problems including reasonable adjustments

4.            Managing difficult conversations
around mental health

5.            Appropriate and
sensitive language



        1.    We offer fixed learning outcomes  

      2.    We are able to adapt and add to those outcomes to suit each organization on request

        3.    We use case studies, video presentations, group work and self
reflection. There is a focus on real and role play.