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"Promoting Mental Health and  Safety in the Workplace"

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Confidence Workout!

Confidence Workout!

We run the Confidence WorkOut! – A short course (between 6 and 8 weeks) aimed at preparing participants who have had mental health problems to engage in work, volunteering and education.


Mental Health and Safety at Work

Mental Health and Safety at Work is a Mental Health and Safety Course – It focuses on equipping managers and the workforce to effectively manage mental health problems in work and education as they arise.



people have a mental ill health
children have depression or anxiety
children have depression or anxiety
suicides are
by males


“ 3 in 4 Mental illnesses start in childhood 

Suicide is the biggest killer of young people (ONS) 

“ Major depression is thought to be the 2nd leading cause of disability Worldwide (Whiteford HA et al 2013)

“ Anxiety causes one-fifth of work days lost in Britain (Dad- Munshi et al 2008)


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1. roi on £1 investment in mental health program
£ 0 bn
2. saved in the UK with proper mental health support
+ 0 k days
3. days lost to mental health in one day in the UK
0 %
4. people live with a mental illness

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